Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ms. Jasmine

As a parent and a school based therapist, I see a lot of average teachers.  Unfortunately I also see a lot of sub-par teachers.  It is rare that I see a teacher that I can truly call exceptional.  Today, we are losing one of those exceptional teachers.

Logan has had some great teachers over the years and he has loved them all.  I have been impressed as well, as Logan is not always an "easy" child.  Teachers have come and gone frequently for my kids and it's always sad to see the "good ones" go, but this one is especially difficult. Ms. Jasmine has been Logan's teacher this year and she has been amazing. When other people have thrown their hands up in the air and said "I can't do it!" in reference to my child (yes I have seen it), Ms. Jasmine embraces him with patience and compassion.  She has a calm about her that you can feel just talking to her.

To say that Logan LOVES Ms. Jasmine would be an understatement.  To him, she has been a source for comfort, love, admiration, and I'm sure a million other things that he can't express at his young age.  When he is sad or hurt at home, he calls out for her.  When he is scared at chemo, he calls out for her. He talks about her during the day and I'm pretty sure I've heard him call her name in his sleep.  I have never seen Logan THIS attached to a teacher. 

Through these preschool years, we have gotten a glimpse of what Logan will need to be successful in school in the future.  He will require a lot of support and understanding from his teachers.  He will require patience and the willingness of others to go that extra step.  I know I will do everything I can for my children, but without a teacher who is willing to work with my child in the ways that he needs, it could all be for nothing. Every child deserves a teacher like Ms. Jasmine, but for Logan, without teachers like this from year to year, I fear the outcome.

We will miss Ms. Jasmine immensely and wish her the best in this amazing opportunity because I know she will do amazing things!


  1. Megan,

    I want to thank you for such a thoughtful and beautifully written post. I'm so proud of my daughter, Jaz, and the amazing woman she has become. It's clear she has found her purpose and calling and reading your post filled my heart with joy. I've heard many stories and know Logan has made a tremendous impact on her as well. I don't know if we'll ever meet, but you and your family are in our thoughts and I thank you again for such a heartfelt post.

    A proud dad

  2. My niece is beautiful inside and out so proud of her and her compassion towards the children she has taught and will be teaching. Absolutely well deserved praise.