Friday, July 26, 2013

Port Day

Big brother excited for his "trip"
With big brother off visiting family, Logan went in for his port surgery today. It was a long and tired morning. We had to leave home at 4:30AM and of course Logan was not allowed any food or water. Yeah sure. Logan is probably one of the hungriest, thirstiest kids you will ever find. I knew this was going to be a challenge. As much as he loves going to doctor, a tired, hungry, thirsty and bored Logan is not ideal. Even with these challenges, Logan did remarkably well. Maintained himself without major crankiness till about 7:00AM (30 minutes left to his scheduled surgery time. )

This is when the nurses step in with the "happy juice". Up until now, I have only heard stories of the "happy juice" as Logan usually does not require any help to be "happy".  We gladly accepted. It couldn't have been more than 60 seconds later, Logan was giggling uncontrollably. It definitely lightened the mood. We could barely get through the rest of the pre-op stuff without everyone laughing. 

Once Logan was in surgery, it was about another 1.5 hours until we were back with him. He was already waking up, hoarse from being intubated and cranky as anything. Is it too late for more happy juice? Surgery went well and no problems were indicated. You can read about the procedure here.  Some more meds, a couple of juice boxes and a few post-op instructions later and we were on our way home to rest and recover. 

Recovery will be a couple of days taking it easy with OTC meds for pain. He is already trying to figure out what happened, why he hurts and what is this lump on him. Trying to get him to leave it alone while it heals will certainly be a challenge. I'm hoping a long nap and a good meal will get him one step closer to forgetting the whole ordeal.

A special thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes through this all. Whether is was on this blog, text, facebook or phone calls, I see it all and I wish I could talk to you all personally and tell you how much we appreciate the love.  Your support has been amazing and it truly means a lot to know that everyone cares so much for our son.  It only takes meeting him once to know how special he is (yes, I know, I'm his mother.  I'm supposed to say that!)


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