Monday, July 29, 2013


Not a huge fan of the "hug machine"
Logan did a great job recovering.  A little sleepy, cranky and sore Day one, but bounced right back to his usual energetic self Day two (Just in time for the return of Parker and visits from family).  Happy to show of his new "bandaids" to everyone. 

"I like my bandaids"
Healing well
Nap#2 of 3 post-op
After spending the last few days with Grandma and Dude, Parker returned home.  He LOVED his time away but who wouldn't with all the fun things he did.  Fishing (Parker caught at least a dozen fish and Dude caught ZERO), watching airplanes, shopping, riding the ferry, playing with animals and the biggest Lego model's he has even seen!

Reunited with big brother just in time for fruit
mmmmm.. Thanks Aunt Bee

Special thanks to my parents and Aunt and Uncle for taking him in for a couple days.  It really was so helpful to have one less kid.  I know if he were around, Logan would not have gotten the rest that he needed.  Logan got the attention he needed and Parker got some much needed attention as well.  He is ready to go back and do it again!!

"cubby" time with Dude

...and grandma

The good news is, Logan is begging to go back to the doctor.  Nothing will come between Logan and his love of doctors.  When asked what he remembers about the day at the hospital, Logan responded, "I was laughing and it was funny".  Man I love Happy juice!

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