Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chemo Week 1

The day has come.  Logan's first day of chemo. All Logan has been talking about the last couple of days has been going to the doctor, so naturally the first words out of his mouth this morning were "Can we go to the doctor now?"  We started bright and early on the road in to DC.  For those not familiar with the DC area, morning rush hour can be brutal.  We left enough time to get stuck in traffic and used it to eat breakfast when we got there.  Logan got to say good morning to his favorite giraffe.  Reality check time was when we were checking in to security and the woman knew were in for the long haul.  Instead of the usual daily visitor pass, we got our long term badges.  At least we don't have to stand in the security line any more. 

First port access
Once we got all checked in we started our new weekly routine.  Get vitals, get port accessed, draw blood, meet with doctors for neuro checks, wait for chemo to be ready, start infusion.  Logan was great with most of the events of the day.  He waited patiently and participated in MOST prep activities willing. The port access was pretty rough.  They basically have to stick a needle through the skin and into his port.  He was not happy with that, obviously.  Starting next week we will be able to put a numbing cream on it before our appointment, so hopefully he won't feel it. Once it was in, he was ok with it.  It didn't bother him too much.  He was actually very protective of it. He didn't want to let anyone near it and kept tucking it into his shirt so it wasn't sticking out.  He was so attached to it, he didn't want it out.

Even though there was a LOT of waiting (hours), there was plenty to keep him busy. He spent some time in the art room, painting and doing crafts. He REALLY loved the visit from the clowns.  It's no wonder he loves doctors!

FINALLY, 3 hours into our appointment, it was time to start giving him some meds.  He was a little anxious at first.  I suppose he thought it was going to hurt getting things through his port.  After the first couple flushes/meds, he was ok with it.  First came an anti-nausea medicine and then the Vincristine.  Those were quick injections.  The next was Carboplatin.  This is the slow push that takes an hour.  He did great (of course)!  Between the cartoons and iphone apps, he was plenty occupied.  Once the carboplatin was done, it was time for one last flush and removing the access.  Logan begged to leave it.  He wasn't ready for it to hurt again.  He fought and cried 10 times worse than when he got it in.  I don't think it hurt, just the anxiety of it. 

Finally, 6 hours after we arrived, it was time to leave.  I'm told, going forward, our appointments won't be quite as long.  Armed with our stack of prescriptions and documents, it was time for our special lunch and a good nap.  Leaving the hospital, I heard Logan say something that I have never heard from him before.  "I don't want to go back to the doctor."  My heart sank.  The only thing that made this easier for me, was that he loved going.  If he loses that, I don't know what I will do.  I hope it was just a passing comment and he will regain his enthusiasm before next Thursday.  Now we know what to expect.  Whether or not that is a good thing, we will find out.  The next questions we have will hopefully be answered in the next couple of days.  We will wait and see how his body handles the meds. So far, his spirits and appetite are up.  Fingers crossed that it lasts. 

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