Saturday, August 3, 2013

The days after

Logan has done great following his first chemo treatment.  After spending hours at multiple pharmacies to get the required at home medicine, Logan is now armed with everything he needs to lessen the effects of his chemo at home.  After 2 days of anti-nausea medicine, he is doing well and we were able to stop giving it.  Now it's onto 2 days of antibiotic to prevent infection, since his immune system is now compromised.  This is the new weekly at home routine. He is a little hesitant of taking medicine, but he gets it down ok.  Hopefully, he stops fighting it soon. 

His overall demeanor has been quite good.  A little groggy on day one but bounced back nicely.  Ryan jokes that they must have mixed up his chemo with saline because he is quite active and happy.  We are told that the symptoms will compound over time as he gets more and more treatments, so I'm glad he is starting off strong.  He is still saying that he doesn't want to go back to the doctor.  We are working on that.  Trying to stay positive and convince him that it will be fine to go back.  Now armed with the numbing cream, it shouldn't hurt getting the port accessed, but the mental/emotional damage has been done.  It's going to take some time to get over that.

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