Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chemo week 3

Finger puppet show
Week three was a record setting week. Our fastest day to date. Starting our appointment at 8:30, we were on our way home by noon!!  It was like a well oiled machine. Probably helped that there were very few children there. In fact, Logan was the only one in the art/play room (usually at least 4 other kids there waiting). I could definitely get used to this.

Logan did great with the port access. A little fussy but great overall.  This was the first time we had a "child life specialist" with us to help distract him. Armed with an iPad, she distracted him with a Grover app. Overall, continued improvement.

In addition to access distractions, the child life specialist gave Logan some one-on-one attention during his infusion. She brought him a Gabe's chemo duck and tool box full of chemo supplies. Logan was able to play doctor while he waited for his medication to push. He went through all the steps of his chemo appointment with his new duck so the duck "can grow big like me [Logan]."  Read more about Gabe's Chemo Duck here.  A great program.

Cleaning chemo duck's line

The doctors think Logan is doing great with the treatments.  We won't know if it is being effective until his MRI in October, but he is managing the side effects like a champ. We are still watching his nerve function closely as we are noticing some minor changes in his feet. In addition, his feet/heels are tightening up, so we have to start stretching.  If it doesn't improve, they will likely recommend physical therapy. 

This being the third week, will be the first good indicator of compounding effects. Fingers crossed he does well, especially because I have to go back to work next week.

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