Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 4

Week four was great!  Everything was very routine.  We made it in good time (about 4 hours start to finish), and Logan didn't cry or even fuss with any of the medical stuff (he even took a good nap during the infusion).  He was actually quite charming with the nurses and even put on a little "show" for them.  This kid is made for this!  The only slight difference this week was that Logan's blood counts were officially out of the normal range.  While they were low, they were not low enough to withhold treatment for the week, so we were able to continue.  I am interested to see where the counts go this week.  Low count = increased risk of infection.  The good news is, for the next two treatments, Logan's doses will only be one of the two medications.  So far, Logan's weekly doses have been a combination of Vincristine and Carboplatin.  Logan will get a two week break from the carboplatin and only receive the vincristine.  Vincristine will not effect his blood count, so, even if his counts continue to drop this week, he has 2 weeks to recover before being hit with the carboplatin again.

We have really gotten into the routine.  I was a little worried this week, as it was my first week back to work and having to deal with chemo.  Routines are our friends!  We know what to expect.  The kids know what to expect.  It really makes life a lot easier. Our appointments are routine and our entire day is now routine.  Here is a glimpse of my new thursday routine sans all the medical stuff (as it was today):

5:45 - Wake up, wake up husband, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.
5:55 - Wake up husband for real (he's still sleeping)
5:58 - Pack lunches, pack chemo bag (supplies to get us through the day at the hospital)
6:10 -  Wake up kids, get them dressed, get Parker's bag packed to go to "school", wake up husband (yes, he's still in bed)
6:30 - Feed the cats, take out the trash, get the boys in the car
6:45 - Drop Parker off at school
6:50 - Dunkin Donut stop for coffee on the way to DC
7:45 - Arrive at hospital (thank god for the HOV lanes or this step would be at least TWICE as long)
8:00 - Breakfast at the hospital cafeteria
8:30- Arrive at chemo clinic
12:45 - Leave Hospital
1:00 - Drop Ryan off at work
1:45 - Home for a good nap
6:00 - Pick up Parker from school
7:00 - Pick up Ryan from the train station
7:15 - Dinner
8:00 - Medication and bed time for the boys

In there somewhere is quality time with the kids where we teach them valuable and important life lessons and enrich their lives in the most profound way.  Or maybe some cartoons and a snuggle - hard to tell the difference.

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