Friday, November 8, 2013

Another week

Monday night I had a dream that I was at the doctor with Logan.  Only difference was that I was the one getting MRIs and riddled with tumors.  I had to go through the chemo treatments and uncertainty.  Logan was fine. In any other situation, a dream like this might have been upsetting and unsettling but I was comforted. Logan was fine.  To know that I could go through it and he wouldn't have to, I felt so at peace.  I wish this could be our reality.  I wish I could take this away from him and go through it for him.  The painful reality is that I can't.

Pre-meds while adding beads of courage.
Ryan had a busy day at work during this round of chemo, so I was joined instead by my mom and dad (Grandma and Dude). Everything was pretty standard except maybe the LONG wait.  The pharmacy seemed particularly slow today.  Logan was not too happy during the port access but got through it ok. Blood work was low but not neutropenic.  It took a couple of tries to get the urine sample, but got that taken care of.  During the doctors' exams, we spent a good amount of time talking about his foot.  Before, we talked a lot about his feet because one of his meds was known to cause nerve damage.  Now, the concern is that the new tumors could cause problems in his motor functioning.  The situation this week was that he injured his foot last Friday but continues to limp and have problems getting around on his foot. While the doctors aren't too concerned about an injury to his foot, it's important that they rule out a neurological impairment.  In other words, they want to make sure that his limping is, in fact, due to his injury and not the progression of the tumor.  If he continues to have a problem or if it gets worse, it'll be time for an xray.

Naps, not just for Logan
Once we got the clear for chemo from the blood counts, it was time to pre-med and wait for the chemo to be ready.  This is where the long portion of the day began.  We actually got his pre-meds while he was still in the art room, so he got to play a little longer.  This was great because if we had to spend any more time in the infusion pod than we had to, I think I might have started having tantrums.  By the time his anti-nausea med and benadryl pushed, Logan was ready to conk out.  You can really see the tired hit him like a brick wall.  He got to curl up with Grandma in the art room and have a good nap.  He was knocked out for probably an hour while we waited... and waited.... and waited for his chemo.  While he napped, he get a little feverish but slept and sweated it out pretty quickly.   Finally, 4 hours into our appointment, we were in a pod ready for infusion.

Infusion was standard and long.  Logan did a great job just hanging out.  I was a little worried since he had already napped away most of the waiting, that the waiting through infusion would difficult for him. I really enjoy that he usually naps through the infusion.  It's amazing that he knows to just sit and wait.  For a 3 year old, to sit for hours and not fuss, it's a miracle.  Once we were done with all the meds, flushes and snacks in my bag, it was ALMOST time to go home.  One more thing we had to take care of, the flu shot.  For Logan, getting the flu shot is a risk.  For one, his immune system is compromised so his body might not process the vaccine like it is supposed to.  Additionally, Logan is allergic to eggs, and this is known to be problem for having an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine.  Despite the risks, the risk of him getting the flu with a weakened immune system is MUCH worse, so it was time for the shot.  (He definitely could NOT get the nasal spray as that is a LIVE vaccine and would definitely make him sick).  He wasn't happy about it, but who is?

All in all, another long day at the hospital done, and another treatment closer to, hopefully, taking care of these tumors. Thanks to my parents for making the trip down to spend this long day with us.  I know Logan really enjoyed having them there for him.

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