Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Uneventful weeks

After two more ER visits, we had a pretty uneventful days.  It was a nice break.  The kids went to school, Ryan and I worked.  All was right with the world.  Hoping this trend continues.

Wednesday afternoon, the boys had their 6 month checkups with the dentist.They did a great job!!  They sat, they behaved and they didn't cry! Clearly, they did not get this from MY side of the family.  I'm pretty sure my debilitating fear of the dentist is, in fact, inherited. In fairness, I have improved quite a bit myself.  I can at least step foot in the dentists office now (for the boys' appointments) without crying.  I think I deserve a treat for that.  We got some tips for the dentist in dental care for kids on chemo.  Like everything else, we have to consider the germs and potential for infection.  Tips included changing his toothbrush more often and drying it completely before storing it. 
Fighting to stay awake

Thursday was Logan's usual chemo appointment.  Everything checked out and went smoothly.  His blood count were even higher than usual for him (still low for "normal").  The best thing about this session is that Logan slept through the WHOLE infusion!  He was hooked up for 3 hours and slept through it all! Partly due to the benadryl and partly due to the fact that he was up at 4AM! This is DEFINITELY the way I like do these appointments! If only they could all be this easy.

Friday he got his usual Post-chemo fever, but thankfully it went away on it's own pretty quickly so we didn't have to take him in to the ER.  I'm pretty sure this is a trend that will continue.  Chemo Thursday, Fever Friday.  I can deal with this, as long as the fever is low enough or goes away quickly enough so we don't have to make a trip to the ER.  This just making planning things around his chemo appointments a little more daunting. 

Glad this week was uneventful on the chemo side of things because we instead had to deal with emergency plumbing issues (water leaking out of our bathroom wall) and getting a new water heater installed at 2AM.  If it isn't one thing it's another.  I guess you can't have it all! 

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