Friday, March 28, 2014

Another cycle done

Today marks the end of another cycle of chemo for Logan.  While he doesn't get an extra break between cycles now, it is marked with another MRI to see what effect, if any, the chemo has had on his tumors.  This will happen next week and we likely won't discuss the results until the following week at his usual appointment. Just to recap, The first cycle of chemo (Carboplatin/Vincristine) ended with additional tumor growth.  The second cycle (Avastin/Irinotican) ended with all tumors shrinking.  We are obviously hoping for additional positive results.  

Today's session was like many others.  We were treated to a show in the waiting room which Logan REALLY enjoyed dressing up and participating in.  As usual, the pharmacy took quite a while getting his chemo ready so he had lots of quality time in the art room.  His infusion ran as usual, ending in nausea and the new norm, vomiting (which started about 15 seconds after the below pictures were taken)
Nauseous Logan 
Nauseous Logan trying to smile
Overall, Logan has done really well this cycle.  He continued to gain weight and skyrocket in height.  He does an amazing job with port accesses and, if I recall correctly, only had two ER visits this cycle.  The newest effects, vomiting during/after his infusion, is something we will have to keep in check moving forward.  
Current Cycle- back on track and looking healthy
Last Cycle- underweight w/drooping eye

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