Friday, March 14, 2014

Nausea and Central Lines

Ipad while waiting for doctors
Another standard week at chemo.  Everything checked out fine. Minor concerns this week: 3 bloody noses since his last session (Platelet count came back fine), high heart rate during vitals check (came down later), nausea/vomiting at his last session (increased Benadryl premed). 

After decreasing his Benadryl pre-med last week resulted in some sickness issues, we decided to increase it again this week, however, not back to the original amount.  It helped and he got through the entire infusion without throwing up.  It was time to de-access him and the nurse did one final saline flush.  This is when he lost it.  It was not nearly as bad as the previous session but he was sick and looked pretty ill for several hours after.  Two theories on this illness: 1. the change in benadryl is interfering with his tolerance, 2. the chemo is building in his system and causing more side effects. My personal opinion (and hope) is that it is due to the change in Benadryl.  I guess we'll figure that out in the weeks to come. 

Sometimes in the clinic, whether you are trying to or not, you overhear details of the other kids treatment. Yesterday, my heart went out to the little girl we shared a pod with. This little girl, probably no more than 2 years old, was in clinic for treatment of Sickel Cell. She has a central line for easy access for medication and blood draws (similar to Logan's port but with the tube coming out of the chest.)  The doctors noticed that the cuff on the central line (the portion inside the body that holds the tube in place) was coming out and after about an hour of I can only assume pulling, pushing and otherwise fiddling with the tube, they decided that they needed to do surgery to replace the tube.  This meant that this little baby was being admitted overnight for IV medication in preparation for another surgery tomorrow to replace her central line. This is something that we are told in the beginning is a possibility. Lines get crimped, twisted, disconnected, infected, any number of things that could cause any one of these kids (including Logan) to have to get an additional surgery to correct the problem.  While it's not a MAJOR surgery in the grand scheme of things, it's just one more thing that these kids shouldn't have to go through at such an early and innocent age.  I'm praying for her this morning that everything goes well and for her parents to get some relief soon.

Resting at home after another long day

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