Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strong boy

Today I thought I'd give a timely report. An update on the actual day of chemo?!?  Unheard of!

Logan and I were joined at chemo today by Momsie (Logan's Grandmother).  It's always nice to have someone else there, so we REALLY appreciate her making the trip down to join us.

We were treated to 2 special events today.  First, Flashes of Hope returned for another photo shoot and Logan enjoyed showing off his bright personality in front of the camera.  Second was a new regular event added to the clinics daily routine, 2PM Happy feet dance party.  All of the patients and nurses joined together in the hall with instruments and smiles to sing and dance an encouraging song and just have fun.  Its amazing how such a small thing can brighten up otherwise sad faces. Song choice could not have been a better fit to encourage these kids that things will get better. (Check out lyrics to today's song here)

Nothing too different medically about this session.  We spent a lot of time talking to the doctors about managing behaviors/ADHD.  This is a topic of a whole other post for another day.  For the purpose of this post, we have started the ball rolling on a couple of things that will hopefully help manage this portion of Logan's condition. 

Logan did great, although I feel like that's a given at this point.  We ALMOST made it out of there being able to uphold our record of not throwing up at infusion, but Logan did have a minor upchuck when we got to the car.  Once we got home and got another dose of anti nausea meds, Logan was ready for his all night feeding frenzy.  Given the limited intake for the day, I don't really blame him.  Starting at around 3 PM Logan ate: 1 yogurt, 2-3 helpings of veggie fries, 2-3 helpings of pirates booty, an apple, a serving of grapes, a salad, piece of garlic toast, about 3 helping of baked ziti, 1/2 dozen strawberries and whatever other food he managed to sneak when no one was looking.  Pretty good for someone who, just moments earlier was looking quite green.

Thankfully the anti nausea meds are able to manage things pretty well although he's testing their limits.  As I'm sure I've stated before, Logan gets just a little bit sicker after every treatment.  This is evident the consistent increase on his use of the anti-nausea meds.  When he started, Logan didn't need any more than his pre-med dose to keep the nausea at bay. Since then, we've had to start giving him extra doses after his treatment up to several days after.  Most recently, a 2nd anti-nausea med was introduced in his pre-meds to double up on power.  Up until today anti-med#2 has done the trick.  Today, even being on 2 concurrent meds, he managed to throw up.  I'm hoping we can continue to hold off the sickness enough for awhile, so we aren't doing any more med-adjusting than we really need to.

After Logan threw up in the car, looking like he was hold back more, he asked, " Mommy, if I throw up, will I still be a strong boy?!?" As if a moment of weakness, that he has no control over, would make him any less of a fighter. All I could do is reassure him that he will ALWAYS be a strong boy and that he is the strongest boy I know.

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  1. Logan asking if he would still be a strong boy brought tears to my eyes.. Megan, you are an amazingly strong mom, too. Always remember that during your darkest days. Love, Carolyn