Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More nausea.

I know I'm a little behind with updates from Logan's previous chemo session, as we are about to have his next.  I have been super busy with work because it's the end of the school year and not only do I have to catch up on everything that I have missed, the schools decide they need XYand Z done before the last day. I will be a happy camper in about 3 weeks. Nothing like the last month of school to request new evals to be done.

My dad (Dude) came down again for the last session.  I'm not sure who is more tired/naps more on chemo day - Logan or Dude.  Everything was pretty standard.  One thing that stands out was his access.  Seemed they were training a new access nurse and she may not have been on target when sticking the needle in.  It bent, didn't make it all the way in the port and basically had to be taken out and tried again.  Attempt 2 (from an experienced nurse) made it in fine and we were on with the day.  Even through the poking and pulling, Logan did a great job.  He fussed a bit, but who wouldn't.  I wouldn't even classify it as crying.  Amazing!

Additional anti nausea meds held off the vomiting successfully again and he even made it through a yummy dinner.  Trouble came Friday at school when his morning dose of anti-nausea meds wore off.  I'll spare you the smelly chunky details.  Lets just say I picked him up to spend the rest of the day at home trying to get it under control.  The weekend was fine and his nausea has been under control since.

Until this morning.  Upon arriving at school, he began throwing up.  It's strange to have that reaction so late after a treatment, but it is not the first time we have seen it outside of the few days after.  A quick trip home to give a dose of meds, and it was back to school for him.  I know what you are thinking.  "Your son is throwing up and you send him to school anyway?!  how cruel!!"  Well, when I told Logan we had to go home to get meds, he fell out on the floor and cried "no, I feel better!!! I don't want to go home!"  Pretty sure he wouldn't have it any other way! He loves school and LOVES his teachers. 

The side effects are definitely building in his system and we are seeing more of a reaction for longer periods.  Thankfully we are able to keep it pretty well under control and have some good "off" time in between.  We have a couple days left before it's time to med up and do it all over again. 

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