Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 8

Nothing really new to report in week eight. Still watching the feet and the poop. Fun right? No news is good news, especially with everything else that is going on in our lives this week. I'll take status quo.  Logan was extra cranky today but we can attribute that to being extra tired. He was passed out within minutes of getting into the infusion pod.

Ever wonder what a port access looks like?  This video is pretty standard for our accesses.

I am so thankful that Logan is handling his treatment as well as he is. We got a glimpse today of how bad it could be. While in the waiting room, a young boy (maybe 12 years old) came in with his dad. He came in throwing up and barely able to walk. I never got to see the fear and pain on his face because he was under a blanket the entire time, but the pain in his voice and his cries was painful enough. This young boy sat crying and begging his dad to take him home. "I can't do it. I want to go back. I need a break. I can't do it!!" All the father could do was to offer a comforting hug and assure him, "You can do this.  We have to do this."  When his name was called, the agony only multiplied. He had to be carried, screaming in terror. I can't begin to imagine the pain and fear that this young man is facing or the battle that he is fighting. My heart breaks for him and all the other children living in such a terrifying and painful world.

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