Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 9

Two weeks left till our first break. After the experience we had over the weekend, I was a little nervous going into this week. Plus, I was going at it solo because Ryan was going to work. First drawback: rush hour traffic and not taking the HOV lanes. The ride in took twice as long. Too bad there isn't a slug line closer to us.  (For those non-DC readers, Slugging is a commuting solution to rush hour traffic where you can pick up other riders who are going in. You can ride HOV and they get a ride in.  Everybody wins! Pretty much hitchhiking for business men/women)

Port access went surprisingly well.  You can really tell the difference between the people who access ports all day long in the clinic and those who do it on occasion in the ER. It wasn't the best access, but it was far from the worst. 

Everything else was pretty standard. Neuro tests showed the same weakness on one side, but it hasn't progressed, so that's good. One new concern this week is that Logan in losing weight. He has lost 2 lbs since starting chemo. It may not seem like a lot, but for his already skinny body, it's a troublesome amount. If he continues to lose weight, his body is not going to tolerate his treatment. The reason for the loss?  Logan has not been eating or drinking nearly as well as he has in the past. A common side effect of chemo. If the weight does not improve next week, the doctor is going to get a nutritionist involved. So, for the next week, we are pushing high calorie foods and drinks.  Basically the diet I wish I could eat.  We'll start with Logan's favorite post-chemo lunch, meatball sandwich.

High calorie enough?  Thanks Uncle Mike!

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