Tuesday, October 29, 2013

After the first treatment

Logan has done remarkably well on his new chemo.  Aside from a couple of "close calls" during his infusion, he has not really shown any effects of the chemo.  If anything, Thursday night and Friday,  he was hyper active.  He is a very active child and his attention is something that has been in overdrive from day one.  I didn't think it was possible to be any MORE hyper active, especially on chemo, but somehow he managed it.  He was nonstop for a good 24 hours afterwards.  Also, his appetite is clearly back.  It's good to see the "old Logan" back but it is proving to be a challenge keeping food coming as quickly as he is eating it.  When he gets a meal or a snack, he is already asking for the next one before he is done eating the first.

Friday night he started with a low grade fever, which peaked at 100.5, but he was able to sleep it off and there was no need for the ER, which was good because we didn't have car.  We were planning on going up to visit family on Saturday, but I just didn't feel comfortable leaving home with the potential for the fever to come back, so Logan and I stayed home while Ryan and Parker ventured out for the rest of the weekend.  Logan managed ok the rest of the weekend with low grade fever around 99.6.  He was extra cranky and battled sleep, but otherwise, an uneventful weekend.  I'll take it.

The sleep thing is starting to be an issue and it's something that we are going to have to work out before it becomes a real problem.  Logan is falling into an undesirable pattern of sleeping.  He gets up super early, sometime multiple times a night (between 2AM-6AM) and fights going back to sleep.  Come nap time after lunch, he barely naps, usually 30-45 minutes.  All attempts to make him nap longer are met with tantrums and screaming.  No he's not tired at all!  By 4PM he is exhausted and falling asleep no matter what he was doing. He can't even function. I never know where/when/how I'm going to find him asleep. This lack of sleep is definitely showing in his behavior. He is so quick to meltdown with crying, screaming, tantrums.  We're going to have to figure out how to get the right naps and sleep.  I would love for him to nap more during the day, but not at the cost of him sleeping at night.  Hard to tell what's right. And I'm sure it's not all related to the chemo, but partially (if not all the way) related to him being 3.

Today, Parker had to go for his annual check with the pediatrician.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time in a year that Parker has been to the doctor, and last year did not go well.  A year ago, he was hysterical over just having to take off his shirt.  He has grown a ton in the past year.  He did a GREAT job at the doctor and everything came out "perfect".  It came time for the flu vaccine, and because Logan is on chemo, it was recommended that Parker not get the nasal mist vaccine and instead get the shot.  Sorry Parker.  He took it like a man, but afterwards milked it for all it's worth.  You would have thought it was a gun shot and not a flu shot, the way he is acting. I know it is a traumatic thing for a kid (and some adults.... you know who you are) and it's not right to say it, but deep down part of me thinks, "It could be so much worse, if only you knew what your brother goes through every week."  Instead, I praise him about how well he did and how strong and brave he was.  It was difficult for him and that's all that matters. 

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