Friday, October 18, 2013

FINALLY a break!

Finally a week off.  Even though Logan was due a TWO week break from chemo last week, this is actually the first week since June that we have not had medical appointments, emergency room visits or otherwise bad news delivered to us.  What a relief it has been.  Since July 1st Logan has had 2 MRIs, 1 minor surgery, 6 trips to the emergency room, 10 weeks of chemo, 6 appointments with specialists (separate from the 10 clinic/chemo days).  I almost forgot what it was like to live without medical complications. 

This week I have been able to catch up on some work hours that I've missed due to Logan's emergencies, have a RELATIVELY clean house, start a fun Halloween project with Parker, schedule Parker's 5 year doctor's appointment and birthday party and generally just take a break.  Logan has enjoyed the break as well.  We are seeing glimpses of the "old Logan" return as his appetite is picking up and he is complaining about how hungry he is.  This has been a great opportunity to fatten him up before starting up with his new treatment next week. 

As nice as this break has been, I know it is only a few days from being over.  I know that, in a few days, not only will we be back on chemo, but we'll be starting a new treatment that comes with new uncertainty.  After 10 weeks on chemo we knew what to expect.  We knew when he would be nauseous, tired, cranky, etc.  We are starting from scratch and having to learn all over again.  While we have had a nice break in our schedule, there is no break from the worrying, thinking, planning, praying. For now, it's time to enjoy the last few days of calm. 

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