Thursday, October 10, 2013

The results

Anyone else tired of hearing about this sh*t?  I know I am. First of all, Logan has been doing great now that he is on antibiotics.  His fever is gone and hopefully this will last.  Today was the day that we found out not only how Logan's vision is holding up, but how his MRI looks and if the chemo is working.

First we met the the neuro- ophthalmologist to check his vision.  Nothing really exciting to report.  He tested with 20/20 vision which is GREAT. The only notable things were the eye lid drooping (worse when he is tired) and his pupils being asymmetrical.   Cleared for another 3 months.

Next we met with the neurologists.  This appointment was a little further from ideal.  In reviewing the MRI, we learned that the tumors in the hypothalamus and optic nerve have shrunk a little but the tumors in the brain stem have apparently doubled in size.  Too new areas of concern are the midbrain and pons. The neurologists were very concerned with this change.  Not only is any growth at this point a negative thing, but it also indicates that the improvement seen in the other tumors will likely be short lived.  Areas impacted by these tumors would be nerves and muscle control of the face and limbs.  It could interfere with walking, talking, swallowing, vision, hearing, etc.  Since we have already been seeing some impact (eye drooping), the doctors feel that this tumor is the new priority and that it is time to change course.
Droopy eye

We will be starting a treatment protocol that will consist of a more powerful drug.  This protocol will be slightly different in both how it is administered and the effect on Logan.  Some of the differences:  We will be trading our "4 week on, 2 week off" schedule for an "every other week" schedule with no "breaks".  Infusion time will be slightly longer, especially in the first 2 weeks.  Our previous infusion time was an hour + misc. pushes.  New protocol infusion time will be (cycle 1) 2.5 hours +, (cycle 2) 2 hours +, all remaining cycles 1.5 hours +.  We will be trading constipation for diarrhea, and adding problems with bleeding to the list of side effects. In addition, Logan's urine will be checked weekly as kidney and liver function may be effected.

While this is obviously not what we wanted to hear, at least there is a plan and hopefully it's a good one.  We will find out in time.
Showing off his cool mask

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